This video about the fall of MoviePass feels like truth

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I guess I should stop using my MoviePass just to use AMC and Landmark restrooms.


It’s worth it just to earn the points so you can go see first-week-of-release movies later using your points rather than the pass.

I don’t think I would have seen “Teen Titans go to Hollywood” tonight otherwise, but my timing was right and I enjoyed the music and in-jokes.

In many US cities it would have been worth it this summer just for the air conditioning.

I lucked out with the CostCo one-year deal so I’m immune from most of the service reductions for a while.

This honestly raises the question of “If I was a theater owner, would I immediately go buy like 5000 cheap burner phones, install MoviePass on them, and rack up a billion dollars in a week by screwing MoviePass?”

(Yes, the answer is yes)

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