Movies premiering on HBO Max might not happen again for a long time

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Dammit now that old HBO music is stuck in my head.


Nostalgia for the movie theatre experience will only get the industry so far. Except for SFX blockbusters, there’s not much reason to pay the ever-increasing price to leave home to see a film.

There are opportunities for exhibitors – sing-a-longs, revival screenings, live broadcasts of sports and legitimate theatre and operas and concerts. However, I don’t know if they’re enough to satisfy the demands of the stock market for endless growth.


Lots of good content leaving and being replaced by dreck.

The name changes but the plan remains the same… except it doesn’t and soon you’ll have to pay a premium for a currently underwhelming 4k offering.

“We’re in no rush to bring the movie to Max”

It’s like they don’t want our money anymore.


They still want our money.

They just don’t want to have to do anything to get it.


I cannot put into words how glad I was to watch WW85 at home for free instead of paying for it. It was so very bad that I didn’t feel bad turning it off.

That said, I don’t have a lot of reason to go to a theatre anymore. A given movie is on home video, streaming or physical, within a month of release. My home setup is very comfy and the snacks are free. Why would I want to go out? I still plan, at some point, to do one of those “rent out the theatre” and screen something fun, like Rugrats in Paris, for my nieces and nephews, but otherwise? Meh. I spent a lot of time in theatres as a teen and didn’t watch the movies then anyway.

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There is a short documentary on how that was made too:

Tl;dr creative use of miniatures for the city sequence, and painted glass plates for the star gate sequence (much like in 2001). It was all practical, no CGI. Oh, and a 65 piece orchestra for that epic theme music.


I hear you, but there are still some movies that I want to see on as big a screen as humanly possible. I caught Dune on one of the larger IMAX screens in the country and it was amaaaaazing. I’m glad I saw the new Top Gun and Way of Water on the big screen, but did I need that for Amsterdam? I did not.

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