MPAA loves fair use so much they don't want to share it with the rest of the world


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I know it is a high hurdle, but I think it is time to introduce the following US Constitutional Amendment.

For the purpose of promoting the Progress of Science and useful Arts, under no circumstances shall Limited Times exceed forty years.

With this, at least any action by Congress to “approve” the TPP will have the above hard limit to any potential damages.

(The idea is any copyright infractions will be limited to civel actions and remove any “criminal element” to items that should be in the public domain. Think of this as the “Sonny Bono Amendment 2.0.”)


In these days of RIAA-/MPAA-owned politicians, and a lack of those who give an actual shit about the good of the people, it’s much more likely any such proposal put forward would be changed to remove all limitations on terms instead.


The RIAA-MPAA thugs are scum of the lowest order.


“within the community I represent”

Meaning the community of business men and investors, rather than the actual “creative community.” Granted, there are some Stockholm syndrome sufferers among the artists, but Dodd doesn’t represent artists.


But they might be useful thugs. We should terrorize them with the spectre of Burmese Beastie Boys pirating everything in sight and fair-using it out the wazoo, unless they kill the TPP…



Assholes’ favourite nonsense argument against Obama for some fucking reason.


“Divisive” can be usually interpreted as “not doing it our way”.


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