Mr Bean recut to be a creepy thriller

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Oh god, this made me laugh so hard.


I am literally LOLing.

I have a friend at Paramount I want to send this to – is this blatantly fair use? I don’t want to, you know, trigger a DMCA takedown notice or anything…


I guess I don’t get it. I don’t know how much this was recut, but it seems like “creepy thriller” means “loud music”.

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There is a ton of satire. The creators are visionary.

I am game to unpack the scenes if you want. They are dense. But satisfying.


Oh this was lovely! Needed a good laugh. :smile:


I joke (somewhat)

…partly because of how much I dislike movie trailer tropes. Is subverting one set of emotional button-pushes with another clever? It can be, and this one is, but I still don’t need to like it. However, poking fun a security theatre and the seriousness of the paranoia it engenders is always a good idea.

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That Westworld meme image is sublime.

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Pronounced Mawn Bean, correct?


Why can I only Like this once?

I honestly think the BBC/Hollywood Coalition should make this movie. With Rowan Atkinson, on a plane, with Edward Norton.

Norton could be a recently-widowed down-on-his-luck cop (FBI Special Investigator Will Graham freshly off the Tooth Fairy/Lector case) drawn into ONE LAST MISSION.

Bean, played by Atkinson, is a homicidal serial killer/terrorist with a special fascination for ridiculous physical comedy of the early 60’s (think Jerry Lewis without speaking).

The result is a Mr Bean/Silence of the Lambs mashup. Never been done before. Box office gold.

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