Mr Potato Head R2D2


Potato head “Action Figure?” Is that a new thing?

My kids have the “Artoo - Potatoo” version, which is compatible with standard Potato-Head accessories.

These are not the potatoes you are looking for.

As a toy inventor/designer I find this sort of sad. Toy companies get more and more excited about big deals with entertainment property licensing–and then can’t help themselves. The result are bizarre multi-branded toys and games. What’s next? Star Wars™ AngryBirds™ Lego® Jenga Monopoly games? C’mon. Someday they’ll realize they are just in the movie souvenir business. The toy brands they are so blindly entrenched in were each at one time actually new, stand alone items. Come up with more new ideas that can become tomorrow’s beloved brands…or watch other smaller companies do it for you.

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