Mr. Spock: Ladies man?


One does all the troubleshooting, science, observations, literature reviews, measurements taking, saving the day… and then some playboy gets the girl instead. It is always like that. It would be illogical to consider it fair.

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I was reading something recently – I think it was an essay or two in Asimov’s Gold anthology, come to think of it – that suggested much of Star Trek’s popularity was owed to Spock’s appeal to female viewers. I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

One of the odd changes they made in the new Star Trek movies is that New Spock basically does the opposite of whatever Old Spock would have done in similar circumstances.

  • Where Old Spock was actively embarrassed by his human heritage, New Spock basically gave the finger to the Vulcan Science Academy Admissions Board for talkin’ smack about his momma.
  • Where Old Spock was the embodiment of dispassionate stoicism, New Spock had more breakdowns than any other character in the rebooted franchise.
  • Where Old Spock was a quintessential professional who brushed aside romantic advances, New Spock engages in a sexual relationship with a subordinate officer. (Not that I can blame him. Uhuras are hot.)

To be fair, the oddest change they made in the new Star Trek movies was hiring J.J. Abrams to direct the new Star Trek movies.

What? There are new Star Trek movies?
Must have missed that… xkcd: Matrix Revisited

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