MSCHF's new project is the "ASCII Theater"

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I love the idea and the uselessness. Also it makes me want to log onto other sites via ssh.


Cool idea. It immediately started playing when I typed ssh into my terminal
It is currently playing Showgirls, though, which I don’t want to watch even if it were in HD.

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I love this ASCII theater. ASCII (ANSI) art is the reason I built my own BBS when I was a kid, to display and share it. Despite the compliments, I could totally relate to user complaints that menu screens took too long to load in 1200 and even 2400 baud (impossible at 300). Hot keys saved them. That being said, I just could not get into Goodfellas because the opening credits were totally illegible and my refresh rate was too coarse. Maybe include a fast forward option?

Doesn’t work for me. Immediately disconnects on both PC and Mac. This idea reminds me, though, of the Matrix ASCII version that was popular many moons ago.

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