MTG introduces bill to abolish the ATF. I don't know what to feel

I mean, on the one hand, she’s a lunatic shitgibbon that should never have been elected.

On the other hand, the ATF is in need of some serious reform, and probably should go away. See A new investigation from the Trace shows that the ATF rarely enforces the law | Boing Boing

I am conflicted.


When the far right Backs the Blue they don’t usually mean federal agents (except, you know, ICE)

They love the military but they don’t want any civilian law enforcement above local sheriffs


probably intended to nestle in well with state retreats from gun laws.

Missouri has become the latest state to throw down a broad challenge to the enforcement of federal firearms laws, as Republican-controlled state legislatures intensify their fierce political counterattack against President Biden’s gun control proposals.

A bill signed by Gov. Mike Parson over the weekend — at a gun store called Frontier Justice — threatens a penalty of $50,000 against any local police agency that enforces certain federal gun laws and regulations that constitute “infringements” of Second Amendment gun rights.

At least eight other states — Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia — have taken similar action this year, passing laws of varying strength that discourage or prohibit the enforcement of federal gun statutes by state and local agents and officers.

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As ever, don’t just look at what they are doing, ask why they are doing it too. A lot of horseshoe theory falls apart when you do that, and it shows why people like MT Greene should not be trusted even when they seem to agree with you on the surface.

This is most likely a power grab attempt by the Qpublicans.


Sounds like she’s mimicking calls to “Abolish ICE”

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Civilian law enforcement departments having much lower standards in who they allow in and all… sure.

They (Q) can much more easily seize control of local, elected LEO’s than they can federal agencies, so yeah, this makes perfect sense for them.


Some on the left claimed that Trump was better in 2016, because he “agreed” with some leftist positions with regards to US foreign policy. It was bullshit, of course.


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Horseshoe theory is a strategy of minimal engagement with reality.

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Well, if she is against it, it is probably because occasionally they do their job correctly.

I lean towards reform.


Agreed. When are they finally going to add regulation of soft drinks to their list of responsibilities? (Per Futurama I know it happens sometime before the year 3000, but not exactly when)

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