Much like thunder, these 10' long Lightning cables are so cheap it is frightening

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Thunder is cheap? :confused:


You’re in the apple playground, you enjoy and flaunt the fact that you pay over the odds for everything. Eat the $89 and like it.

Tried these. I don’t know whether they’re poorly made or if 10 feet is just too long for a low-voltage cable, but in my experience you’re going to need one in every room if you expect to get any charging done. Overnight is not enough to get the battery fully charged, and when I use the device while it’s plugged in the battery still discharges, just more slowly than if it isn’t plugged in. I haven’t tried any other 10-foot cables for comparison, but I will certainly never buy these again.

Wait, that’s not cheaper at all… oh, right, the pound is still tanked. Never mind, that’s a much better deal.

Have you ever paid for thunder? Doesn’t nature provide it for free? :wink:


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Or i could just order them from Monoprice for the usual price of $8 apiece (for 10’, less for shorter lengths). Because oddly enough, I only need one 10’ cable and one 6’ cable to fully supply our house’s needs for absurdly long charging cables.

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Wife was in a Starbucks when a rogue running toddler tripped over a laptop charging cable, causing said laptop to crash to the floor. These cables would be great for demonstrating that effect with your $800 slab of glass.

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