Multiplayer deathmatch Joust

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Love it - thanks for sharing!


I still hold out hope that someday someone will make a Joust movie. In the right hands, it could be epic.


KIller Queen Black is the next logical step in Joust.


I could tell you the URL for my version of the same thing we made in 2012, but I don’t want to pay for the bandwidth LOL.

See also: Starwhal for yet another flavor of these ideas


We follow the protagonist, a helmeted figure known only as The Knight, on a quest to deliver the sacred egg to some mystical temple. Through guile, determination, and skillful jousting he draws near to his goal. But at the end, he falls in battle to a giant riding a pterodactyl. His ostrich-mount plummets cinematically out of sight as the soundtrack fades to a hiss of white noise.

After a beat, we cut to the gruesome remains of the mount and its livery. Curled in a broken wing is the satchel that held the egg. We see that it is damaged, but not from the outside. Something pokes through. At first it looks like a beak, but as discordant and mysterious music rises to a climax we see that it is not an ostrich, but the lance-tip of a miniature Knight.

Season Two of Joust will hit Netflix in 2023.


Based on the headline I thought this post was going to be about Killer Queen.


Maybe we can get a tie-in from Square Enix with a slight change to the type of mounts available to the knights.

At the end of the final episode the miniature Knight removes his or her helmet to reveal – kupo?!

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That’s very retro sound for a 2013 game.

That might work, though I was thinking more it’s an actual gladiator setup and our scrappy underdog protagonist and trusty mount fight their way through a series of bouts against ever-tougher opponents over boiling lava pits to reach the Grand Championship staged on the highest floating island in the Realm. Or that could be Season One, and then as the victorious Champions and Chosen Ones, the duo is sent on the Egg Quest in Season Two.

Joust is one of my favorite old school games.

Oop found a bug: if you spawn on a platform that has another platform just above it, you can get stuck and the “bump” sound effect keeps playing. Fun game though!

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