'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' looks like a 2021 remix of 'A Knight's Tale'

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HAHAHAHA – Thank you. I have updated the post. I guess I can find out of Jude Law rides a battle elephant now.


I wasn’t sure if that was tongue in cheek or not. The trailer came up in my youtube recommendations recently and I was momentarily confused. I think they are releasing it in 4k now.

Pretty entertaining film if you ever wondered what would happen if someone gave Guy Richie a Brinks truck or two of cash to make a Camelot pic.


I’m getting notes of He-Man and Lord Of The Rings, with just a hint of Thor.

Edit: It could be dumb fun?

Imagine comparing one movie you’ve never seen to another movie you’ve never seen as a recommendation for others. I’ve seen both King Arthur and A Knight’s Tale, and can say for certain that there’s virtually no similarities between the two. Both are well worth the watch, but for completely opposing reasons.

I shared a trailer for a movie and explained my interest in it. At no point did I recommend either movie to anyone.

Rather than sharing your imagined outrage at an imagined recommendation, can you please tell us if Jude Law rides a battle elephant?


They could have made a version of this comic book.


Now I’m curious, too, although not enough to watch the movie.

Has anyone seen the movie? Does Jude Law ride a battle elephant?


A giant battle elephant.

Can someone here tell us if Jude Law rides a giant battle elephant?!?




Someone missed the memo that A Knight’s Tale was a remix.

This new film is like the 22 year old neighborhood bar DJ remix.

My bad, I spoke without understanding what type of thread this is. As for Jude Law riding battle elephants, that doesn’t go down unfortunately. The best you’ll get is the opening scene: youtu.be/cRIbbxdGATs

It’s not an objectively good movie by any measure. In fact I really hated it the first time I saw it. It was just so weird and incongruous with its mixture of medieval tropes and modern rock music.

But, it’s really grown on me over the years to where I quite like it. It’s definitely dumb, but also fun and entertaining.

It has a phenomenal cast that’s working with material well below their station. (Which is kind of a funny inversion of the film’s premise.)


A Knight’s Tale is definitely not the most intelligent movie, but it’s got a decent amount of heart, and stellar performances by Heath Ledger and Paul Bettany. Sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and watch a feel-good flick, and this is one of my go-to picks.

knights tale you been weighted found wanting still

knights tale thank you ill be here all week


And Rufus Sewell is just so damn punchable as Count Adhemar. Makes his eventual downfall all the more satisfying.

I agree - it’s a great film when you just want some fun and easy to digest entertainment.


How would he see where he’s going if he’s face down?

In a movie like this I’d prefer to see him riding a camelot.

Look at it this way: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has as much to do with Arthurian legend as the 2018 Taran Egerton Robin Hood has to do with 12th Century England, or the Transformers movies have to do with Robocup.

That is to say, it’s a movie featuring some characters with the same names as are in some of the myths. There’s a king, and a tower, and a sword. There’s also a spirit quest and “Druids” (who are a race of people, apparantly?) and you can never, at any point, forget that it’s a Guy Ritchie movie.

It’s (IMHO) big dumb fun in its own right. Just don’t expect anything resembling La Morte d’Arthur.

No, Jude Law does not ride a battle elephant. :frowning_face:


Luke Skywalker Reaction GIF


Another affirmation that A Knight’s Tale is a lighthearted fun movie, and worth a watch (especially with friends and a beverage).

OTOH, KA: LotS looks like a gritty reboot 'splosion-fest, but it’s hard to say no to Bana & Law.

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