Murderer buried victim in concrete and sold off his Magic: The Gathering trading cards, then blamed twin




Ban this Satanist filth! Magic the Gathering is the spawn of Satan! And its not looking too good for concrete either!


Great, I play M:tG and work in the concrete industry. I must be the Antichrist.


Murder: The Scapegoating


I bet the victim had a playset of the Power 9 in his trade binder…


Wow there seems to be a new wave of nerd/geek crime… The local news morning show had a piece on a guy who had is $80k+ comic book figurine action figure collection stolen.
[Wow. Such Nerd. Very Money.]


And again it’s the world’s worst super hero, Florida Man.


Well, it did happen in the northern part of the state, and in my experience, the closer one gets to FL/GA border, the more likely that antics will ensue. What a sad thing.


Probably more power than that. I think even the 9.5 Black Lotus only went for 20k or so


Thank you, Rob. I believe that is the greatest geek-clickbait headline ever composed.


Mebbe that concentration of incidents be Floridians trying to escape. Need to get that muthafuking fence up STAT


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