Murderer Patricia Krenwinkel's "Life After Manson"


Is the way she speaks and the vocabulary she uses indicative of an apparently successful reprogramming? Or is it just the California in her?

Speaking as a Californian, it sounds more like decades of enforced therapy. I’m not being snarky either. Part of her time in prison would be taken up with that, and she sounds like someone who has spent far too long on the therapist’s couch. (That doesn’t mean she’s “all better now”.)

I want to believe that rehabilitation is possible and I’m cognisant of the… hmm how to say… ‘repatriation’ with reality one experiences when coming down from powerful doses of psychedelics but some aspect of the psyches prevalent throughout the whole Manson crew seems uncanny to me.

I’m not sure it’s a saying but it should be:

“Be careful who you come down with.”

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