Murdoch recording - dismissing hacking/bribery, vowing revenge

A secretly made recording of Rupert Murdoch talking to his staff at the height of the Leveson inquiry into his newspapers’ extensive, illegal hacking of crime victims’ and celebrities’ phones, and bribery of police officers, suggests that he knew of and sanctioned the conduct: “It’s the biggest inquiry ever, over next to nothing.” "What you’re… READ THE REST


Those poor, poor, babies. Callously exposed to(a very attenuated dose) of consequences for actions that must have been OK because they’d been committing them for years!

What slime.

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His business agenda has done very well this year…


“Am I the only one”

This and that go together. Obama tries to battle an actual evil disguised in the skin of a news organization and the whole liberal establishment goes apeshit cuz “first amendment.” As if this wan’t the Fox plan from the beginning.

Then two weeks later more comes out about Murdoch and the same clowns are saying, “Hey! Why isn’t the Executive Branch of doing what I want doing what I want? Take care of this!”

Hall of mirrors I tell you.

“I’ll get my revenge! Mwuahahahahahaha!” -yeah, that doesn’t seem evil to me

I was a victim of Murdoch’s criminals, wrote to him, and got death threats from various gangsters back in the 90s. I went to the police in my local area - Glasgow, Scotland - and just got more threats. Murdoch’s employees had suborned the police, and worked hand in hand with gangsters. I do indeed have chapter and verse! If you’re interested, contact me:

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