Museum of Hangovers opens in Croatia

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Why did they blur out “__ ___ mind”? What are they hiding that’s worse than “a __CK TATOO,” “A____L DICK,” or “_______IPPLES”?

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Oh, if only I could donate two or three specific ones I could have done without.

CNN blurred it, not surprising…it says a F**ked mind.

See? I couldn’t even bring myself to type it either, given my sensitive nature.


I was in Split the day after the 2016 election. Beer is very cheap there. There must be a wing named after me in this museum


I’ll see your election and raise you one Croatian wedding. The entire story is, um, not really suitable for this forum. Many hours of eating great food, drinking, dancing (you get the hang of it eventually) :smile: it was a very good time, even if we foreigners petered out after only 18 hours. If you ever get an invite, go for it.

Can’t say I was at my best the next day… :thinking::face_with_head_bandage: … nor that I saw much of Zagreb.


Makes sense. CNN viewers apparently have no compunction about lying to their kids about the meaning of the word “DICK” in that image, or about waking up with ___ pants, ___ girls, a ck tattoo, a__ dick, or ___ipples, and have no problems explaining to their kids what a hangover is, but you better blur the word “fuck” in case some children see this. Great job, CNN.

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