Museums and the free world: keynote from the Museums and the Web conference in Florence




I have little of substance to contribute but I do feel as though "GLAM" should expand to "galleries, libraries, archives, and museums" rather than "galleries, museums, archives, and libraries".
I am finished nitpicking now.


Reading the points of your 'conference speak' , I look forward to a complete text/video of your complete narration. Nice linkage of old too modern technology, reminiscent of James Burke's narration on 'Connections'.

Great pics of the open art paintings/sculptors in Florence.


Which would you rather see: an oil painting of a Victorian monarch, a ramrod stiff photo of your great-grandmother in her confirmation smock, or a hundred transcripts of the conversations she shared with her peers and her family?

As a historian, I have to say this is exactly right.

As a citizen of the internet age, I have to say the more likely choice is between an oil painting of some monarch and a hundred pictures of your then-23-year-old great-grandfather's junk.


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