Saturday is Museum Day!


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But not in Canada? At least not on the Smithsonian map.

My local museums are the Smithsonians and are always free!

Aye, I think what was really meant here was across the United States, oh and one in Panama.

Come to New York and experience The Smithsonian That Isn’t Free then!

Just got my tickets to the American Swedish Institute. I’ve been meaning to go for a long time and this is the perfect opportunity.

Berlin does a semi-annual Long Night of the Museums which is fabulous. There are shuttles to take you between venues, lots of value-added activities, and of course the special pleasure of experiencing museums at midnight.

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I’m jealous.

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You would think a blog headed up by a Canadian would realize that North America actually includes Canada.

Just thought I’d pop in here and tell you about a program at my library to purchase season passes for museums. If you call ahead, you can reserve the passes. You then pick them up, but must return them the next day or incur steep fines. I think it’s a wonderful idea and as our library tends to be on the leading edge of trends, you might want to check or watch for this at your library.

We’ve got the same program in Chicago; we can also borrow DVDs and video games from the library, but that might be more universal.

edited to add: if you’re interested, ChickieD, my avatar is a photo I took a couple of years ago at my dad’s in Indiana. Yes, that’s a real bluebird! He puts out nesting boxes for them.

He’s a nice looking bird!

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