Saturday (9/22): Museum Day with free admission to 1,500 US museums

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I don’t think I have time to visit 1500 museums this Saturday. Unless there’s a museum of museums where they can all be seen in one place.


One of the undersold benefits of living in Cleveland is free access to museums every day.


I’m jealous. I’m not sure there’s ever a free day at the San Diego art museum.

Even the Art Institute of Chicago does free Thursday nights, last time I visited.


The Cleveland Museum of Art is an unrecognized rare gem.


This is what has gotten me out to the Blanton in Austin a couple of times. Well worth the effort.
ETA: seems they are not participating this year. BOOO!!!

In the late 1600s some Ashmole gave his collection of curiosities to Oxford, and this became the basis of the Ashmolean Museum:

Of course it’s been added to since and is incredibly dense with both historical objects and art. A Sumerian king list, Guy Fawkes’ lantern, a beautiful Uccello, etc., etc.

I recognised the image from the article, there is a reproduction at the Geological Museum in Copenhagen/Denmark. I spent some time with my kids looking over all of this miscellaneous items, lots of funny details.

Here is a link to a descriptive article in English.

Museums are awesome, should go some more.

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So, I went to my volunteer museum gig today. Yes, we were participating in this. The line went out the door when we opened at 10 and was even longer when I left at 1pm. We had all of our ticketing nodes open, in 4 different locations, and they ALL had lines out the door (well, not the outdoor ticketing but still).

I’m just a volunteer on the info desk, so my day was telling 3 or 4 thousand people “You have to get in the line if you have the voucher. Yes, you have to get in the line if you got tickets online. Yes, you have to get in the line if you have a CityPass. No, I cannot get you a refund for [Special Exhibit that costs extra] as I do not have a register. You’ll have to get back … in the line.”




I am absolutely certain this exact woman was ranting at me for 10 minutes about online tickets.


Um… is there room on the national mall for that?

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