National Poo Museum will be crappy in a good way

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In related news, I got my first corpolite the other day.

“It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff”

I’ll send a donation of the lower intestine type. Hmm, how do you ship shit?

Well, shit!


At last, human culture has reached its zenith.


On a swift ship.

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This scatological relic bears a striking resemblance to The Venus of Willendorf.

Can anybody just come in and make a donation?


Considering the fact that I’ve been to many museums that call their price of admission a “donation”, I reckon you’re on to something. If you want to get in and see the exhibits, you’ll need to make a donation.


Just on the general theme of museums covering squishy topics:

They have some spectacular livers in there.

I’m not going to suggest not giving money to these institutions if you can afford it. That being said, I’ve been to the Met and the Museum of Natural History in New York as a student and said, “I can’t afford the recommended donation amount, this is what I can give.” They let me in every time.

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