Museum of Shit opens in Italy


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If you can’t make it to Italy, there is always the #1 source for #2 aka The

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I’ve never been to Italy, and have always wanted to go. My wife spent a semester there in college, and would love to return.

Somehow I doubt she’d approve of me putting this place on our itinerary, but still… I kinda really wanna go!


Hey, if you gotta go you gotta go!


On a farm? How undignified. This museum should be in Florence or Milan.

…is filled with regular modern art…

…“Of course it’s shit, that’s not the un-point,” say contributing artists.

-My understanding of modern art, which I am more than willing to be disavowed of, if anyone cares to. Although I’m fairly sure I’m on to something.

Young Sam Vines Jr would love this.

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