Museum in Italy shuts down exhibit with Modigliani forgeries -- "Even a child could see these were crude fakes"


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“these were missing that three dimensional elegance of Modigliani”

So what he’s really saying is forgers you really need to step up your game.


I recall a museum I worked at had what was supposed to be an early collection of Georgia O’Keefe water colors, and years later they were determined to be fakes.


Fake news!

Because it’s news about fakes, you see.


Genuine fake news, then?


Nonsense. A child could have done a better job than that.


Christ, the art collecting world is full of wank.


Not mentioned: a child did paint the fakes.


Child needs to take some art classes



Mr Pepi has spent decades battling art fraud.



“Earlier this month authorities in Genoa, Italy confiscated 21 suspected fakes attributed to Modigliani. They were on exhibit at at the Doge’s Palace, where 100,000 visitors have viewed the suspected forgeries, and an art critic said they were lousy fakes.”


““Yes, it’s so simple a child could do it!”


It would be neat to have a museum of fakes and forgeries. We could have van Meegeren’s Vermeer forgeries, and van Meegeren’s son’s van Meegeren forgeries. Maybe we could even get the Ecce Mono.


I was thinking the same. It would be quite interesting to have a museum of forgeries and counterfeits.

Edit: there appears to be a small museum in Germany of such a thing!


To be fair, Modigliani’s only serious exhibit in Paris 1917 didn’t go over too well either (Gasp! Brazen nekkid women!).

To be unfair - like Van Gogh, he only earned a modest sum during his lifetime compared to record-breaking auctions after his death.
Art collectors are shit people.


I forget who the forger was, but he was really against the art establishment because so many collectors and art galleries made a lot of money off artists. Many of whom would never see a any of that money. Van Gogh is a prime example of it, he lived a pretty complicated life and never saw his works loved how they are today and seeing millions change hands is kind of tragic… though it is what it is.


Yes. This rancher I met while bicycling through Texas was talking about some of the uber-rich people he knew who only bought art as future investment or as symbols of status or bragging rights after a sale. No true appreciation of the artist at all.


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