Museum of Sex coming to Miami

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How long before this becomes a DeSantis talking-point?


Everything in the gift shop they put in a plain brown wrapper.

You know, like most gift shops.


…designed with the help of artists and designers including the TV drag star RuPaul Charles.

Radical right meltdown in 3… 2… 1…

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The Mermaid tank is probably just set up at ground/water level; hope they elevate the rest so it’ll still be around in 5 years.


If Ron had gotten on board with this municipal dungeon, he could personally handcuff everyone involved with the museum and send them off for some taxpayer-funded discipline. Think of the photo op!

Will they have a lewd boat ride where horny robots sing a parody of “It’s a small world”?

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Yes but will it have a Grope Mountain?

The Grope Mountain installation first launched in 2015 at the Museum of Sex in New York, as part of an interactive exhibition that also featured a bouncy castle made of oversized breasts.

That climb looks hard.


They did a good job erecting that installation


How do you have a sex museum when you’re not allowed to “say gay”?


Radical right getting caught at the Museum in 6… 5… 4…

“You have to know the Devil to fight him. It’s in Two Corinthians.”


Homophobic climber realizes he’s touching an erect pee-pee, falls to his death.


Two Corinthians walk into a bar…

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Florida does seem to be a poor location, but this:

has managed to survive in Miami since 2005.


Hajime Sorayama…The show features four of the Japanese artist’s famous “sexy robot” sculptures, each standing over 9 feet tall, as well as 20 of his retro-futuristic erotic paintings.

This is why I’m conflicted about the defense of pornographic (erotic, to make it classy) art on the basis of free speech, of “to each their own,” and of “as long as it’s among consenting adults.” I understand the case to be made to let people draw/sculpt/photograph whatever the hell they want. Their kinks are their business. At the same time Hajime Soroyama’s gynoids present the ultimate objectification of women, stripped not only of their personality and agency, but of their very humanity. The sole purpose of their existence is to wave their chromium naughty bits for gynophobic men to masturbate over. Why is this embraced as legitimate art?

I have a similar problem with the erotic comics I see, which are full of men verbally and physically assaulting their partners. I understand porn creators and performers demanding the right to follow their careers without being hassled. At the same time the media they produce glorifies misogyny and the abuse of women. At what point does the professed free expression of sexuality become sexist propaganda that encourages doing real damage to real people? These aren’t rhetorical questions. I’d really like to understand how, when, and whether there’s a way to separate “acceptable” erotica from “unacceptable.” Women aren’t content to put up with this shit in real life. Why is it okay if it’s “art”?


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Possibly a 5.9? (sadly, there is no category six climbing route classifications, so the joke is ruined.)


Cue MoRon Meltdown in 3…2…1…

Soroyama isn’t depicting or encouraging sexual violence against women. The guy just has a kink for sexy robots, much like Tom of Finland had a kink for buff dudes in ridiculously tight jeans with bulging crotches.

The male figures in Soroyama’s art are stylized and “dehumanized” in the same way the female robots are, he just doesn’t draw them as often because they aren’t the ones he gets off to.