Music: "By The Time I Get To Arizona," Public Enemy (1991)



The revolution will not be televised, but it will have a nifty video and a funky beat.

Link to lyrics (because: too long to post here?)

See Also: DJ Spooky and Chuck D remix “By the Time I Get to Arizona” in honor of anti-immigrant law

And the Evolution Control Committee:


Adding Eric Kleptone’s brilliant remix


“Pubic Enemy” is my new band name.

A Tribe Called Quest beat you to that joke a quarter century ago. On vinyl.


Nuts. I’ll have to stick with the old name, then. It figures!

Thanks, typo fixed.

We didn’t elect that guy Mecham; he snuck in under some barbed wire.

Wait wait wait wait… Arizona was opposed to the MLK national holiday circa 1991? I guess I can see that.

Arizona governor Governor Bruce Babbitt, a Democrat, created a paid state MLK holiday in Arizona by executive order just before he left office in 1986, but his Republican successor Evan Mecham, armed with an attorney general’s opinion that Babbitt’s order was illegal, rescinded it days after he took office.In 1990, Arizona voters were given the opportunity to vote on giving state employees an MLK holiday. That same year, the National Football League threatened to move Super Bowl XXVII, which was planned for Arizona in 1993, if the MLK holiday was voted down. In the November election, 51% of voters rejected the King holiday. Consequently, the state lost $500 million and the Super Bowl was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. In a 1992 referendum, the voters approved state-level recognition of the holiday

Christ, what an asshole.

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