Arizona's racist schools chief won't resign




Why would he resign when he so perfectly represents his constituency? This is the state that fought tooth and nail for the right to ignore Martin Luther King day.


That happened a long time ago, and recently the state’s citizens spoke up when the legislatures tried to discriminate against LGBQT patrons.


I got two words for you:


And no one in that state’s hierarchy will have the decency to fire the repugnant hypocrite? Somebody just needs do the right thing and throw his sorry ass out without benefits, pension or any other perks. Why does it feel like our nation is trying to lead the way into a new Dark Age?


He’s elected. It would take a recall to get rid of him.


Hell, even ignoring the incredibly racist bullshit he was spouting, his other statements display such breathtaking ignorance and total lack of critical thinking skills that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near education in any capacity (except, perhaps, janitor). It shouldn’t be hard to recall him (but it probably will be).


That racist d-bags lie him aren’t summarily fired by their employer reveals more about us that we may care to know.


Yes, the old people in Maricopa county keep voting him in, for the most part. I actually worked on Paul Penzone’s campaign (he ran against Sheriff Joe during the last elections - bet you have no idea who HE is, but of course you know who Joe is, because you pay attention to mass media, awesome, two thumbs up, good for you!). I am well aware of Sheriff Joe. As an Arizona-native and a previous 14+ year resident of Phoenix, which is in Maricopa County, I probably know more about him and his terrible reign than you do. But thanks for the unnecessary education!

But he’s still only one small aspect of a pretty big state. Tucson, Tempe and Central Phoenix are pretty great places, and hopefully these places inspire more change in the state as a whole. And Flagstaff and Sedona both have a lot of pluses, although Sedona gets way too woo-ey for me. But still, fairly progressive towns.

Also, Medical Marijuana !

There is plenty wrong with Arizona, but there is still some good stuff going on and if they are lucky, the good will prevail.

That is, unless it burns up in a fiery ball of flame before that happens. Which is a possibility.


Well I’m sorry for bringing Arpaio’s name into a discussion of racism in Arizona. You’re right, I don’t know the state the way you do, and should leave the discussion to those who do.


Yes, because it is well known on the internet that you, Marilove, are from Arizona. Don’t be a condescending dick to the guy.


He looks like a T.V. preacher in those “crying” photos. I.O.W. he’s a bad faker.


I think I was making it pretty clear that I was from the state in my comments that he replied to. Plus EVERYONE knows who Sheriff Joe is. I was replying to a condescending reply that said nothing except: “LOOK! Just like every other state in the nation, you have a terrible politician!” Doesn’t prove much except that people tend to vote in terrible people, but that can be said about every state.


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