Music: "Let It Roll," Little Feat (1988)


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Lebel me an iconoclast if you will, but for me: no Lowell George, no Little Feat. Joy Division/New Order got things right when faced with a similar situation. Move ahead, don’t try to ride the past until it withers away. Listening to this has driven me to dredge up some Little Feat v1 to flush my senses. Bill Payne and Paul Barrere are excellent musicians, but this song has no heart in it.


While I loved George, and Waiting for Columbus is one of my favourites, I wonder…

How many bands that Rocked in the 70s didn’t lose their way for a bit in the 80s?

For example, Let it Roll has more heart than this. Or anything off of Dirty Work.

Wow. LF did some genuinely great stuff but that was truly awful. I’m curious as to why it was chosen; maybe just because of its sheer awfulness.

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Absolutimatly; a night to never forget, me and the crew; a couple years out of HS, hanging at the one house one of us had rented… trippin’ balls. 2 sealed albums, none of us had any idea. FDFMN side 1 played 3-4 times, then ready for side 2, same. Open the 2nd album, ah… Dixie Chicken took us through the rest of the night. I swear, I came in my pants somewhere along the way; just due to Lowell’s sliding that band through the paces. 41 years later, clear as it can be!


The power of the 80s was so extreme that it affected even Little Feat. That’s kind of amazing. It was like mass psychosis for a decade.

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