Music: "Radar Love," Ministry (2008)


Not a fan of Ministry or their genre, but godDAMN!

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They cover Dylan pretty well too.


Great, but they could never top this:


Hmph. Very energetic.

Been I a while since I checked out a new Ministry track. Not feeling this one, although the “cover” is indeed remarkable. They really rocked my world back in the day though…


Hmm like Ministry but I’m thinking the wall of sound overpowers the driving beat at the core of the original.

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“Lay Lady Lay” is closer to what I consider the “sweet spot” for the band. Closer to the heyday of Lard / RevCo. While I can say they’re definitely trucking on “Radar Love” It just doesn’t have the same feel.

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new Ministry makes me sad


I loathe that song, and even Ministrying it doesn’t change that. Is that that guitar hook stolen from KMFDM?

My exposure to Ministry, growing up in the forgotten backwaters of the mid-south, was bad movie night. My friends and I would dig around the local truck stop convenience stores (back when most also served as VHS rental shops) looking for the worst sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies we could find, then laugh ourselves silly over them (this was before you could have people do it for you on MST3K). Every now and then we’d come across something good, and one night that was Hardware. I remember seeing this presumably futuristic band thrashing around and screaming over some weird speed-metal/disco hybrid music and thinking, “I wish there were real bands like that.”


It blew my mind when I saw Hardware as a kid - that band in the video was Gwar, but the music was Ministry. Good times.

The Dark Backward was pretty good too.

Ministry was also in Spielberg’s A.I. in the robo-circus.

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