Music sequencer inspired by Turtle graphics programming

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Hmmm, wasn’t it called Logo back in the day, and the little triangle thing was called the turtle? Is this a derivative drawing program project? I guess I could google that, but that seems so difficult, compared to firing off a half-cocked message!


Yeah I remember it being called Terrapin Logo.


Are you sure you don’t mean ‘Logo’ which introduced people to the concept of turtle graphics? I can’t find any references to a language called Turtle.


Not familiar with Turtle but is it at all related to Logo?

Edit: lol seems like i’m not the only one with that association. I took logo as a kid and have fond memories of programming for it in class. You could in fact program music in it and i recall a keyboard/piano application for it. You could also do animations, quizzes, games, etc.


The sound (but not the interface) reminds me of the music composers in Spore. Does anybody play Spore any more?

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There are quite a few programing languages that use a turtle for vector based drawing, Logo was the first and some non-Logo languages with a turtle called themselves Logo despite not being very similar to Logo.

I think the tweet gets the usage right as a general program concept “turtle graphics” but Mark makes the mistake of making it it’s own language Turtle.

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Yeah, I did end up doing teh Google, and arrived at the same conclusion. The synthesizer app is pretty fun I will add!

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