Music: "Stayin' in Black," The Bee Gees + AC/DC Mashup by Wax Audio






Working fine here. It does fade in though.


Brilliant. I love it.
On another note; AC/DC and Kenny Rogers.


The clip below has now moved into the position of my second favorite Bee Gees performance.


So. Much. Hair.
Even on the balding guy.
(Not on the bald guy though.)


Nice accompaniment to my morning espresso…thanks, Donald and jlw!


Not the Bee Gees, but my favorite mashup by far:


This shouldn’t work, but it really does.


Best mashup… ever. If this doesn’t make you scream, and get chills, you must not love music.


The guy who does the Wax Audio mashups is just incredibly talented and tasteful, if you ask me. His “Stayin’ Alive in The Wall” is a personal favorite, and helps reinforce just how groovy a groove that Bee Gees song is.

But I tellya, I’m waaay behind the times. I paid no attention at all to any mashups until last year, and now I’m discovering these five-to-ten-year-old mashups that strike me as some of the greatest things on the internet. Today, to my extreme delight, I came across MadMixMustang’s “Fat Bottom Girls Come Together,” and I was in Classic Rock Heaven for something like six consecutive playthroughs at max volume.

Another Come Together mashup

When I read the headline I thought “how can this possibly work?”, but it does. Too repetitive though, I keep waiting for the long “stayin´ aliiiiiiiiiiive” in the refrain, but it´s always cut off by the guitar riff.


Agreed, too repetitive. Starts off brilliantly and then I got bored because he loops the same parts again and again.


I get ya. For what it’s worth, both source songs in the mashup (and also “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” in the second mashup) are pretty repetitive themselves, rock-solid and dead-simple grooves that have stood the test of time as timeless dance songs, even though AC/DC and Pink Floyd don’t exactly market themselves as dance bands (with one exception to prove the rule).

I love that “Stayin’ Aliiiiiiive” chorus myself, which is why I kinda like both those mashups equally. “Stayin’ Alive in The Wall” uses the Bee Gees’ chorus and iconic guitar groove over Floyd’s verse (repetitive again!) and Gilmour’s guitar solo, whereas “Stayin’ in Black” relies on AC/DC for the groove and the Bee Gees for the verses and main part of the chorus while eschewing the climax. Keep in mind that the original recording of “Stayin’ Alive” didn’t employ a real drummer for the session, but rather used an actual physical tape loop of drum tracks recorded earlier for “Night Fever”, so that song is itself about as repetitive and set-your-watch-by-it solid as “Back in Black.” And that is part of why I think these two mashups work so very well (in my opinion). I do sort of wish they hadn’t needed to pitch “Brick in the Wall” quite so high to make it work in “Stayin’ Alive”'s key, but it’s a minor quibble.


Comes in handy.


That was awesome!

“Here’s one I made earlier.”

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