Superfreak mashup: Rick James vs Foo Fighters (et al)

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


wonderfully mixed into a crappy song.
the mash was well done but into something I have no desire to listen to again.

I suppose my problem is that the vocals were tweaked to the music. This sounds like a Foo song with new words. I’d prefer a Rick James song with new music… and the master of that is Lobsterdust.

i’m still waiting for someone to top DJ Lobsterdust. ‘Stayin Hot’, ‘Tainted Jesus’, ‘Whole Lotta Dougie’, and the masterpiece that is ‘Pussycats Gone To Heaven’.

Lobsterdust tends to make tunes that sound more like a remix than a mashup. And in that there is the genius.


My feelings exactly. It’s a very well done mashup, I can appreciate the technical skill that went into making it happen, but that doesn’t make it good.

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super freaky, yow

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My favorite all-time mashup remains “Stayin Alive in the Wall”. That was a revelation of both songs.


Sadly, this is astonishing skill in search of a good idea.

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I can dig it, then again, I’m a big Foo Fighters fan. And who doesn’t like Rick James?
BTW, these guys have done some super fun mashups live and even did a full record this year. One of my favorite live bands. Halloween 2014. FF to 1:20 to get straight to the music past the intro stuff. Couple more vids below that. Including banana art.

Here’s my rendition of Evil Wonder: Superstition vs. Evil Woman

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