Music videos cast lists?!

Here’s something I thought would be all over the interwebs, but I can’t see it.

Anyone know of where I can find the cast lists for videos from the 80s? I’ve got an itch to scratch, and now it’s a bugbear!

I know it’s pre-history and all, but I’m amazed there isn’t the “one big site”.

Do videos typically publish official cast lists anywhere? Movies and TV shows tend to, but videos? Is this a thing even today?

A few music videos will sneak onto the IMDB, usually historically important ones like Thriller and Fishheads.

and when someone gets famous, they’ll reveal which videos they were in if it looks good (deleting them later from their history if things change).

But weird, right? I don’t expect every crowd-member of every tune to be there, but the key players.

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