Music: "You can still rock in America," Night Ranger


haha, man, i used to love this band. the keyboardist always struck me as the odd guy out, rocking the shades and beanie WAY before the Edge picked one up. classic 80s pop metal, whoohooo! i can’t listen to them the same way though, ever since that scene in Boogie Nights.

Well, apparently you can’t rock in america if you’re the keyboardist.

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I can no longer rock in America.

Not willing to get probed first crossing the border.


This takes me back to the high school days. Another good musical memory from the 1980s was coming home late on a Friday night with a beer buzz and lying on the couch to watch videos and short films on Night Flight on the USA Network until I fell asleep.

Imagine the cost/effort to create that riser, which includes secondary vocal mic/monitor, and it’s only used for about 30 seconds. If I was their stage manager, I would ensure at least one Ranger is on it at all times and perhaps make it a little lower so that sweet jump-kicks could be done from it.

God, I hope not.

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