Musician covers Jamiroquai's 'Virtual Insanity' in virtual reality

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What fun! Bookmarked for my son!

EDIT: Wow how disappointing - the original has been scrubbed from YouTube. The only version I can find is by Some Dude who tipped it on its side to avoid the algorithm and monetized it on his own channel. Did he then demand the original be removed? And the AI Overlords obeyed?

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Someone must have called the Fun Police


I’m noticing this pattern where I hear a cover of a song from my youth and finally understand the lyrics for the first time 20 years later.


I thought you meant the video. Who cares about covering the song?

keep it down down, voices carry


If you want to see the original you have to VPN outside U.S.
London, GB worked:

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Am I nuts or is he just lip syncing and pretending to play over the original song, or is he actually doing a ‘virtual’ note for note cover (cutting out the break in the middle of the song)?

A Virtual Virtual Insanity?

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Still the only version, in my opinion:

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