Jamiroquai Game is a game about being Jamiroquai



As any student of Pop Up Video can probably tell you, conveyor belts didn’t factor into it: the walls of the room were on wheels and were moved around the performer; the only digital trickery involved was done to remove shoe scuffs on the floor.


The illusion of conveyor belts was conveyed.


“London-based funk/acid jazz movement” LOL!

Do the English have such a distaste for American pop culture that I do for English pop culture? And David Beckham… is he just on loan from England, or have you left him and the spice girl here in the states?

Of course I dislike American pop culture as well, so don’t take too much offense.

Hmmm, those words do not appear to be in the post. Also, I notice the virtual couches are allowed to intersect one another, which makes them that much more diabolical. To compensate, Virtual Jamiroquai can move backward while walking forward. Amazing!



I hate to give away the secret, but, the room moves, not the floor. There was a choroegraphed group behind the scenes moving the whole set. The camera was attached to shoot single point perspective. There more you know…

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The sound of Jay Kay getting crushed by a sofa gets me every time.

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a) Not a top hat.

b)[quote=“vonbobo, post:4, topic:57084”]
Do the English have such a distaste for American pop culture that I do for English pop culture?
****, yes.
[I presume; I’m British, and Welsh, but not English]

Well, I learned something today:

A pity that the animation of the Jay Kay figure is just a simple walk when a hopping, skipping gait that defies apparent physics would be so much cooler.

That said, right now I hate Jay Kay as the embodiment of the failure of early 90s counterculture in the UK.

The character model is all wrong. It’s too tall, it’s gait is way too broad, and the hat is f’ed up in multiple ways. Firstly, the real had doesn’t have a turned-up brim. Secondly the real hat isn’t tapered down toward the skull, but rather has uniform diameter. Thirdly, the real hat lies much lower on Jamiroquai’s head so that it’s barely above his eyes. Fourthly, the real hat is slightly crumpled and very visibly tilted to Jamiroquai’s left side, to the point that you can see corrugations in it in the real music video. Fifthly and finally, the real hat in Jamiroquay’s video is much taller (by about 2-3 inches) than the game’s hat, as well as the real hat’s brim being much thicker than the videogame hat.

Just by the hat alone this video game fails.

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I would love to see your criticism re-composed to conform to the stylistics of Doctor Seuss.

Which has led me to a sudden understanding:

Clearly separated at birth

Also, the musician is Jay Kay - Jamiroquai is the band.


Acid jazz was big in the early 90s; it emerged as a kind of mellow companion to the illegal rave scene.

I’ll have to write a rhyme, I suppose…

Perhaps I will come up with one during my local morning (currently it’s 2:30AM where I am) and post it here.

His hat is wrong and that is true
It’s wrong, I say, no matter the view…

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You have made a perfect start

to producing that kind of art.

The muse can descend without warning

At 2.30 in the morning!

Good night dear @AnonyMouse,

I can’t stay awake, even if I shout

The bed beckons as I weep

Alas, for now, it’s time to sleep.

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Of course. He’s travelling without moving.

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Take heart - all great geniuses are unappreciated in their lifetimes.

Isn’t he moving without traveling?