My Brother, can you remember what it was called? For the life of me I cannot

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The Sears one was called a Spyder

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This is more what mine looked like although I believe it was a five speed, I do not recall the red shifter, But the overall frame and shocks were the same

It has been so long I barely remember my bicycle. Just snatches of memory. The yoke style handles, the gigantic seat, the “shifter.” I think it had a backrest, but I don’t recall it being that freaking tall.

I know it was Sears because my folks got some kind of insurance or warranty for it, issued by Sears.

It was a cool and fine thing, but I wasn’t an athletic outdoorsy kid and it eventually was left by the side of the house to decay.

I wasn’t that either but I rode the hell out my bike when I was a kid, and later on.

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