My charger broke. Any tips on soldering?

My nook HD takes a nonstandard plug. The after market charger I have has a now broken ground wire right at the solder glob that leads into the plug. It is a tiny fiddly space. I would prefer a less ganky charger. Actually I would prefer being able to mod my tablet to take a standard USB plug however I doubt that is easily accomplished.

Fortunately my stepdad has a soldering iron and I can access the plug’s wiring easy (clipped together rather than sonc or glue so it pulls apart.

For now it SORTA works. Trickle charge with so could be worse.

Is that the USB to 30 pin Nook cable? From skimming, for real charging, the Nook wants a charger that will identify as a fast charge source. With a normal PC port, it’s picky and will cut off after 45 minutes.

As for soldering, get it hot enough to melt well, but not too hot. :wink:


If it’s a cold solder joint that cracked you may be able to re-flow it and call it done. Clean and tin the iron to ensure rapid heating so you don’t cook anything.

Any tips on soldering?

  1. Heat the components, not the solder
  2. Don’t blow on the joint to cool it
  3. Don’t overheat sensitive components
  4. Plan what swears you are going to use, before you burn yourself

5 Avoid soldering when wearing shorts. (Your winter may vary.)


Ha! Just today I set up the boy’s nerf guns with lipo batteries; soldering the e3c connectors I kept forgetting the pins are hot after tinning. Every time.


A standard gun safety tip applies: if you drop the soldering iron, don’t try to catch it mid-air.


Known as the @M_M corollary


@critter @Old

If you still have any feeling in the tip of your index finger, your job isn’t done.

See also: hot glue guns.



Depending on how your charger is constructed; you might want to give this piece on dealing with two of the more common(and accursed) flavors of wire often found in cables intended to be flexible a read.


Plan on taking a picture of how the wires connect and getting someone else to do the job. It’s all fiddly and tiny. Then again ai bought the charger becausevit was cheap since I didn’t know what was broke.

Debating on post sold or being to flood the area with glue so the wires can’t move and the casing stays put.

It is this stupid poorly thought connector. I wish I could swap it out for a normal USB plug.

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