My favorite ice cream scoop

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It’s a bit pricey, but the “Midnight Scoop” does a damn fine job.

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The classic liquid filled handle does a pretty good job at melting the ice cream while you scope it. You can run them under some warm water to make them even more effective. Eventually mine didn’t survive after putting it in the dishwasher too many times.

Instead of the classic, I bought a “Smart Scoop” about 20 years ago from the grocery store’s cheaply-made-but-overpriced gadget aisle. Works great for me. And I stopped putting it in the dish washer because it was rather unnecessary and hard on these sorts of gadgets (see above)


The Oxo levered one is very effective at scooping and popping it out. However, I recently discovered with textured ice cream, it is possible for the residue to stubbornly remain under the lever if you don’t wash it very carefully. I had to use several different brushes to clean it up.

Almost all microwaves have an option to soften ice cream. On mine it’s:

“Soften” button

  • hit 2 for Ice Cream then choose
    – 1 = pint
    – 2 = quart
    – 3 = gallon

I’ve considered the container material. It only goes for a few seconds.

I have the same one. Excellent for scooping out the deliciousness. Word of warning - Do Not Put in the dishwasher. The finish comes off because dish-washing detergent is pretty harsh.


The kids accidentally ran my scoop through the dishwasher and turned the finish black that came off in the ice cream. It took some scrubbing with Barkeeper’s Friend to get it back the the original finish but it works like a champ now.



My favorite fork


Wait… other than a spoon and the ice-cream carton is required? (“you live alone, do you?” well, duh. she left me after discovering me with the ice-cream carton and a spoon)

In other news, boing-boing bookmarked for like ten bloody years as “” went byebye database not found blank page this evening. …go figure.


Is blog view suddenly all messed up for anyone else?

All the images are scaled-up super-low-res pics with the cropping all f’ed.

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“It has some kind of heat conductive liquid inside the handle […]”

Let me guess, dihydrogen monoxide in liquid phase state?


They thought me mad for warming an ice cream scoop in my underpants, but who’s mad now Baskin-Robbins?! Fired with cause my ass.

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It has some kind of heat conductive liquid inside the handle that’s supposed to make it easier to scoop

I think it’s meant to transport the heat of your hand to the scooping part. And I think it works, as the handle feels colder than a normal metal spoon when scooping for a while. And it does work really well. I think the heat transport doesn’t really help with the scooping, but I do think it helps the icecream not getting stuck to the spoon because it is much easier to drop the icecream in a bowl with these scoops than it is with a spoon when it gets cold.

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Our scoop is not that brand, but that type. Every few years, someone buys a “better” scoop and it doesn’t work as well and is harder to clean, and it gets thrown out and this remains. I think I bought it in 1996.

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