My guest-appearance on Hello From the Magic Tavern

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i look forward to your episode! i’ve been a fan since discovering it when they were about halfway through their first season. i had to binge listen like crazy to catch up. so fun.

That’s such a fun show; I wasn’t expecting a cross-over like this.

The strange thing was, while I was listening my thought process was

Its going to be a Snowdon Riff…
… I know that voice.
… it sounds a bit like Cory Doctorow
… a Cory Doctorow Parody would be a lot stranger than a Snowdon one…
, It can’t really be him.

Pause - Google - Wow

(I really love it when two things I love, get together, I know its nothing to do with me, but I like it when my ‘friends’ are ‘friends’


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