Quidditch Through the Ages – a book every lover of the sport cannot do without

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Quidditch is the most poorly designed participation game ever.


“This is the thing to do that actually wins the game. Now here’s twenty other things to do that don’t really matter, because why not, right?”

Well, aside from Mittens anyway.

I am so disappointed by Hello From the Magic Tavern. I listened for longer than I should have expecting the poorly formed lolrandom improv to advance in some fashion but it just didn’t.


I’m still enjoying it; It’s enough to make the dish washing go by anyway. I really like the juicy sound design, that helps keep me in it, but definitely some episodes creak a little. I kept fantasizing, as I was binge-catching-up that they would do some outdoor episodes and take adventures with BBC radio “taking a walk in a garden while we do the interview” sound design. Otak’s side-quest teased that a little, but that petered out. I’d love it if they would mix in a little light pencil and paper RPG element every so often to keep things fresh. But I guess that’s what we have The Adventure Zone for.

Oddly enough I think Offices and Bosses was one of the best episodes :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I love that there are great D&D streams/podcasts when 5e pivoted to lighter rules. Adventure Zone; Critical Role; Dice, Camera, Action; Mercer’s new show for D&D playing Storm King’s Thunder with a great cast (Nerdist, Nerd Poker, and Critical Role combined into a single cast).

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Offices and Bosses was a great and surprisingly tight episode, and a total tease of how much fun more of them could be with a little preparation and digging harder into source material.

This is a great list, I love Adventure Zone, but haven’t listened to the others, but will now. The first half of Nerd Poker was pretty amazing, but fell apart without Sark.

Totally agree on Nerd Poker. Blaine was a terrible DM, and the adventure was just a slow wilderness crawl where they fought stupid monsters over and over again.

Critical Role is great. This clip gives me so many jollies, and I think works completely out of context:

Yeah, the idea of such a game is cool, but as defined in the books, Quidditch is profoundly broken.

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