Dark Dungeons: Seduced by the exotic and sinister world of role playing games


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Jack Chick’s charming little tracts and D&D…what a combination! Batshit crazy all the way down.

Yep, that trailer looked like pretty much all the RPGs I played.

this whole thing makes me so confused it is such a poe. which is it.

Watch the Kickstarter pitch video. I mean, the guy clearly says it’s not a parody several times. He must be serious.

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I for one think it’s nice they gave so many amateur actors a break.

Should that not be amateurish actors?

Anyone know where to get a torrent of this? It’s kind of sad that BoingBoing didn’t post this up front because they’re usually really cool about celebrating piracy and hating on the greedy studios and things. Can anyone help?


I was at the (absolutely packed) world premiere showing at GenCon last night. It was great. They played the material so straight that it becomes downright hilarious. There are plenty of gamer in-jokes and references sprinkled throughout as well.

This looks…glorious! Well worth $5!

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