Trailer for a fan-supported film based on Jack Chick's "Dark Dungeons" tract



OMG, now I want movie adaptations of ALL the Chick tracts. Especially the Halloween ones. I wonder if they’ll have any problems with clearing the rights?


It’s hard to imagine how they got the rights for this one. I don’t think they’re going to give it the serious treatment that I’m sure Jack will insist on.


A Chick Flick! Nice!


i thought the same thing! i want a series! this could be AMAZING.

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It could be a series. American Chick Story

Are the panels posted from a parody?

Is there a new version that mentions GURPS?

Oh my God! Dungeons and Dragons I can understand… but Chick went too far when he slandered GURPS. How could they possibly think there’s something satanic about GURPS?


From the FAQ:
How much control over the film does Jack Chick have?
Chick Publications Inc. gave JR Ralls one stipulation: that the
film must include the message, ‘Story based on “Dark Dungeons” by Jack
T. Chick, LLC© 1984’. That message has been included, and otherwise, JR
Ralls has complete freedom of control over the Dark Dungeons film.
 However, while he can make the movie however he pleases, he intends to
try his best to faithfully adapt the spirit and tone of the comic to the
screen given the limitations in transplanting fiction between two media
and in expanding a 22 panel comic into a film.


This. Chick is litigious as all get-out.

Chick gave me the legal right to film Dark Dungeons. I checked with two separate lawyers and the two letters I received from him legally give me the right to make Dark Dungeons the movie however I wish.


That. Is. Awesome.

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Also, I don’t really like this title calling us a “fan-film.” We legally obtained the rights, and the cast and crew were all professionals who got paid for their time. And rightly so, they are a talented bunch. Is there any way to change a title of boinbboinb article?


I’ve been playing D&D for decades and my DM is still not going to teach me how to have the real power. So disappointing.


I am so proud to have helped crowdfund this. JRRalls, you rock!

From the panel shown on the front page, apparently joining a coven is as easy as showing up and shaking hands!


This is the one that got >$25k on Kickstarter, right? Nice to see it coming along…can’t wait for the full thing.

Is this the same JR Ralls, do you think?

Sorry, I misread “FAN SUPPORTED AND CREATOR DISTRIBUTED” as “fan created” in my haste.

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“Is this the same JR Ralls, do you think?”

Doubtful. “Copyright 1877.”