Sky divers play quidditch


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I kind of wondered if anyone had caught the Golden Snitch.


They tried that manuever where both seekers dive after it, and pull up at the last second. It didn’t go well.


On the other hand, Middlebury wasn’t an advertisement.


You must feel horribly tricked into buying Colombian cell service.


I was absolutely sure this was another GoPro commercial.


Quidditch is a perfect example of what you get when a game is designed by someone who knows nothing about team sports. It’s the equivalent of a game of basketball, where all the scoring is meaningless, because the winner is decided by the game of ping pong going on in the corner.


Is that where it was from? It was just a little too much branding for my


Exactly; The point of the game seems to be for a bunch of people to fly around keeping the fans busy until Harry is able to make an heroic play and win for Griffindor.


With all the close maneuvering I was surprised they weren’t wearing helmets.


There are only ever two reasons when the other points matter:

  1. Because the points count towards the House Cup (which is kind of stupid — Harry earned more points for Griffindor as the Seeker than Hermione ever did as the smartest, best-behaved kid in every class).
  2. In the one instance where a Seeker caught the Snitch while losing by more than 150 points (the Quidditch World Cup - and the announcer was astonished that such a thing happened).

Maybe it makes more sense when you know how the professional leagues are structured; maybe the Championship is determined by some combination of total points and number of wins? I doubt it, though.


It looks a little less embarrassing than running around on the ground with a broom between your legs.


Let the geeks do their thing…



Pretty funny. I’ll have to show that to my Cones of Dunshire group.


My attempts to understand American sports only through their portrayals in pop culture, without ever seeing any proper game or having the rules explained to me, has had mixed success. I know that baseball involves pitching a ball, catching a ball, hitting a ball with a bat and running between marked spots, but I have no clue how these activities add up to a single ruleset, or where the contest between two teams comes into it. All in all, I’m erring on the side of caution and assuming that the whole thing is just there to be used as a metaphor for sex.

American football seems pretty straightforward, though. Mostly it’s just groups of burly guys hugging each other, and then at the big final the winner is whoever makes the best TV ad.


Baseball is somewhat unusual, in that it’s one of the few 'ball" sports, where the team that has possession of the ball, is on the defense, rather than the offense. It starts off as a game of keep-away, as the pitcher and catcher work together to prevent the batter from being able to hit the ball. If it is hit, then it becomes a game of tag, as the batter tries to run around the bases without someone touching him with the ball. When a runner is standing on a base, he can’t be tagged.


most team sports look like this for me

it would probably help if I would be the slightest interested in such games


See, you’ve ruined it. Now I’ll need to find a new field in which to carefully nurture my ignorance.


Ah, I see the problem.

Baseball is a game that involves sitting in bleachers with friends enjoying exorbitantly priced hot dogs & beer. It loses everything on teevee.

Regarding quidditch - I went skydiving in April for the first time - a birthday bucket list thingy. Ain’t no way I’ll ever be trying this. Maybe someday I’ll do a solo jump. But - likely not.