My top ten maker tips for 2019

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Aside: Leah has amazing worker’s hands. The hands don’t lie, and you can’t fake that! <3


I’m intrigued by the Retrobrite experiments. That’s a neat pic.

Also, I’m wondering if the marker trick really works.

To best of my knowledge based on about 50 years of building and flying R/C model planes, all those servo arms were designed for plane use. And the cruciform ones really aren’t much used for ailerons any more because we so often use a separate servo per control surface.
It’s great that people are coming back to making things but those of us that have been doing it for decades get bit alarmed by how many people are clearly in the throes of the old “those that do not remember history are doomed to repeat it “ problem. There’s so much already known about these things - learn from it and save time so you can do new things and contribute your new knowledge.

Never throw anything out. You never know when you might have a use for a washer, cable, screw, resistor, switch, …

Ignore those Minimalists.

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The tick stick isn’t a harpoon for removing ticks?

Oh well…

Yes! I get teased for salvaging and anything useful out of household electronics. I have boxes and boxes of it. Drives my wife nuts. And know it’s silly. But then, every printer going to the dump has at least one nice stepper motor…

But every so often, someone will need a double AA battery holder, or an old VGA card, and I get to be a minor hero.


oh my gosh that ticking stick is uhh-mazing, thanks gareth!

When I realized it’s essentially a vector transfer (setting nodes/anchors and then plotting vectors between them) instead of the default shape/contour of most visual layout work (as in trying to copy that shape with a bevel gauge or an angle finder), I had a pleasant little brain-falling-outta-my-head moment.

You could even manage curves by plotting a density of points along the curve… just like vector software does it :slight_smile: Though I suppose you’d need a straight base-edge to reference from?

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