My workflow in the WSJ


No mention of cold-brew coffee?!

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Nice stipple.


Interesting bits about the treadmill desk. I might try my hand at that one day.

You shared this intel with the right-wing goon squad at WSJ? What were you thinking?

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To be fair to the censors, if you’re going to block porn, Tumblr does have a lot of it. It’s dumb to bother trying to block it in the first place though.

For example:

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Which treadmill was the cheapest on Amazon at the time you bought it, Cory? And how has it stood up to use? The cheapest one I saw a few minutes ago was a manual model, and I don’t know if that’s the same one you ended up with.

By the way, I was bummed to miss you when you visited Portsmouth, NH. That happened to be one of the few weekends I was out of town.

I’ve seen a lot of stipples in my day, and that is a damn good job, especially the facial scruff!

That was a great piece Cory, and I’m intrigued by the treadmill desk. Thanks.

You are way cooler than I am, and I don’t mean that sarcastically.

I aspire to be someone like you: author, collector, employed, family-man, fiscally-secure, respected commenter, tread-desker, writer…


P.S. Need a mentee?

The drawing was the only part we’ve not seen before.

I seem to remember WSJ has an artist do these manually - or is there a filter that can process jpg’s as well as this?

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