Check out this genius, low-tech coffee-freshness-monitoring hack


I have an etsy, I will so make that for Rob. I can even put an octopus or steampunk cra… uh, “accents” on it. :coffee:


Put a bird on it!


They must read Reddit


Amusingly, this occurred right after the “One weird trick for sleazy marketing success” BoingBoing article, so it looked like a really sleazy segue to an ad…grin

Secret is safe with me. And I could be wrong about the FBO. There’s a mural on the wall I contend is a Vickers Viscount. If so, sorry I missed you. I’m often there for one thing or another.

Seriously? Send me ten bucks and I’ll send you three of them.

Damn, I was going to make an app for this and use kickstarter to fund it. Sigh…

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