Mysterious bundles of hair turning up on Santa Barbara streets


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I say it is humanely harvested yeti hair!


Not saying it’s Voodoo but…


This is how Orange Julius gets his hair, its a new form of tumble weed.


I read that as “Mensa neighborhood,” which somehow made a lot of sense.


I believe the correct term is “tumble weave”.





Santa Barbara? They need some kind of psychic detective to figure this out.


Damnit I was just gonna say that. It’s a common sight in NYC. I always called them tumbleweaves. Lol. Maybe not in bundles like that but little chunks of weave hair for sure.


And it’s going to keep happening until the Addams Family pays Cousin It’s ransom see!


One person on the Mesa saw a resident run into traffic this afternoon, grab one and disappear.

They’re dimension keys. Grab one, you disappear. Then you’re in Valhalla or Gehenna or wherever. Maybe Hoboken.


I would give you a like, but that’s just nasty.


News Update: Teens no longer using Google docs to sext.

In related news: Teens now using hair bundles in intersections to sext.

Interview at 6: College freshman don’t know what’s wrong with high school kids these days.



Hair is a good source of L-cysteine.


Mysterious bundles of hair turning up on Santa Barbara streets

Bad juju, stay away from that stuff.


“Oh my god it’s a dead cat!”
“It’s a wig, mum.”

True story, November 1st last year.


Dude! Not cool! Blur that shit!


Telogen effluvium? (I just learned this today)