This weird mouse with a tuft of human hair could be the future of a stem cell treatment for baldness

Originally published at: This weird mouse with a tuft of human hair could be the future of a stem cell treatment for baldness | Boing Boing


Why not just use horse hair transplants?




Side effects include the mouse purchasing a convertible, and getting a mistress.


Oddly enough, Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be involved. Yet.

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ooooo, you may enjoy The Wedding episode of Kath & Kim!

Pretty hairy situation.

“Hello, is this the Director of Athletics? I’d like to propose a mascot change.”

Why not on the head?


Good lord. This creeps me the heck out. I mean we’ve mostly gotten to the point where cosmetic companies advertise that they don’t test on animals. Putting shampoo or lipstick on a rabbit almost sounds nice compared to farming hair on them and then (im assuming) killing and skinning them for the hair. If you wanna go mad scientist, maybe they could go the route of the lab grown meat and do this on something that doesn’t have a brain.

If I were that lab tech, I woulda smeared the stem cells around the mouse’s willy/vag.

Yes, I have a sophomoric sense of humour.

And, yes, they woulda fired me.

(totally worth it, tho)

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A rat with a random tuft of human hair is pretty weird, but rats with things growing on them get weirder:

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Who is this for? Rich people already have hairplugs - or whatever Joe Biden and Elon Musk have done to themselves. Isn’t this problem already solved?

Hair plugs don’t create new hair, they merely relocate existing hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. (I mean, technically it could be hair follicles from any part of your body but most people don’t want pubes or eyebrows up there.)


Regrowing hair cells doesn’t only have to be about male pattern baldness.


I can practically taste the rising approval for stem cell research among reactionary old guys at this news.


If captain Picard could opt to stay bald, then I’m happy to live with the underperforming scalp I’ve been dealt.

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Just attach 5 or 6 of our mice to your scalp and you’ll have a luxuriant head of hair once more! No-one will be able to tell the difference unless they have a cat in which case we’re so, so sorry.


In the meantime…

Should have read your post before I posted.