Stress slows hair growth and scientists have determined why

Originally published at: Stress slows hair growth and scientists have determined why | Boing Boing


I think smoking weed makes my hair grow faster, that’s my scientifically stoner thought of the day.


I could have told them that. I can tell when I’m sick/stressed when my beard doesn’t grow out (I’m particularly hairy).
I can also say that stress is the reason for MY hair loss. Two kids and recently widowed, I have less hair than my 3 year older brother with no kids/wife.


The world’s going to shit, but on the plus side I don’t have to go to the barber as often.


Did a find on “women” in the article. Nothing. Why am I not surprised?



wine kiss GIF

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Can confirm, at the peak of my toxic last job stress my leg hair didn’t grow for MONTHS. And this year, yeah, serious thinning in the crown area. A bit of a wake up call, really. What to do about it?


In mice. This may translate to humans, or it probably will not. Only about 10% of results from non-human animal studies prove to be accurate for people. Yes, ~90% of non-human animal studies are useless for people.

I’ve always avoided cats because laboratory studies have shown that proximity to felines is one of the strongest predictors of premature death.

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I read that as ‘three year old brother’ and I was like, no wife eh? Wonder why?

You were lucky. Millions have died, everyone is a walking Petri dish and I look like the guy in the photo. Although I would never wear that hat. I’m not a hipster.

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Make sure you deal with that stress properly, hair loss is probably the least serious of its side effects…


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