Mysterious coded messages at university library


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Obviously a terrorist.


For some reason this post isn’t displaying correctly for me. If I highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard, I see it includes the full line “The physical leaf is made of plastic and has two paint splotches on it,” but on my screen there’s a line break after “the” and “physical leaf” is cut-off entirely - the next line begins with “… is made of.”

Similarly, with “the grey pillow-shaped obje ct is supposed to be,” the bolded section is missing.

ETA: the missing text reappears as the post moves further down the Boing Boing home page. These problems are almost certainly due to the image not being scaled to 600px wide.

It is very obviously an infestation of WING DINGS. I think you can spray for those. These things get everywhere


If I was absurdly wealthy, I would do things like this with a treasure at the end of the mystery.

So I am betting this is either treasure or the location and cataloging of his old underpants and finger nail clipping collection.

Obviously an ARG promoting a new video game. So, Half Life 3 confirmed!


Banksy, doing another “residency”?

‘‘Help I’m trapped in the warehouse that books donated to prisons get sent and this windows computer only has wingdings installed.’’


And you should, because they’ve been known to transform into Comic Sans.


When I was a kid I was fascinated with cyphers and codes. I designed some that were terribly clever. It wasn’t until about 5th grade I realized I had no actual secrets to encode.

About when I discovered girls.


Most of the coded messages contain 6 colored depictions of the included item. I would treat those colored symbols as delimiters.

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Maybe, but you don’t usually put two of them side-by-side. Also, notes 10 and 11 are almost identical.

EDIT: Male that all of the jewel notes.

The leaf message that was included with the BB posting only has five.

unless it’s a code within a code, the first 54 letters i checked (before having to get back to work) show no pattern and no discernable frequency. To me, at least.

i rushed through it, but aside from a potental (?) error or two on my part, i think it looks rather like this:


with the letters above representing the symbols but not being the correct letters of the uncoded text of course. caps represent new symbols past the 26th one.

fun stuff, whether it means anything or not :smile:

Well, the (the url on the back of each of the notes) just got over 3000 new pageviews today, so obviously people are looking at it (not that there’s any content there). I’d really like to see a page dedicated to each individual note, just to see what they are (I’m guessing the paint, the objects, and the images have some link to any possible decoding).

Looks awfully like Xu Bing’s latest book, published by MIT Press - Book from the Ground. Link to it is below; a Google image search will give you some flavor of the contents.

Ha, i was about to say if we could link it to HL3, it would be completely solved in less than a day.

“To Serve Man”…it’s a COOKBOOK!


It says “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”


They’re reviews of the books that they’re found in, which the reviewer has kindly made a) incomprehensible and b) removable. As a librarian, I approve.

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