Mysterious repeating radio bursts from distant galaxy could be sign of extraterrestrial technology


Ye Wenjie?


Gul Ocett : The Yridian who sold us the information claimed that the program would yield the key to an unlimited power source.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard : But until we assemble it, we will never know its purpose.

Gul Ocett : He’s right. As far as we know, it might just be a recipe for biscuits.

Captain Nu’Daq : Biscuits? If that is what you believe, then go back to Cardassia. I will send you my mother’s recipe.


Their “First Intelligent Life in the Universe” party got a little out of hand. (I blame the lack of parent supervision.)



Those are the digits allowed as numbers for NBA basketball players without need for special permission; also 0.




Nothingburger, at least from the ‘it’s aliens!’ angle.


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