Mysterious snowballs appear on Siberian beach


snowballs up to a meter across

snowball fight!!!


Whatever it is, it looks like it’s crapping another snowball…


Being immature keeps me young.


Ah, good old Senator Snowball!


is it mysterious if there’s a scientific explanation provided?


It’s mysterious for people who only read the headline, so it all works out.


Oddly, neither of the two major party Presidential candidates have addressed the problem of the snowball gap. American must step up its production of snowballs and develop laser snowball defenses.


also seen on the shores of Lake Michigan:


I’m very mature for my age, if that age happens to be 9.


It’s obscene!


I see what you did there! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well dang, and here I was thinking that we’ve been an Evil Empire for ages.


Indeed. Dear boingers : I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Of course we’ve been evil for ages. That’s why the $30,000,000,000 we give out annually in foreign aid to 96% of the world’s countries, has secret frowny faces drawn on the bills. Cause we’re EVIL!


I believe the proper closing is “I’ll show myself out.” :no_good: :laughing:

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